Cincinnati Winterfair Update

Thank you for your continued support of Ohio Designer Craftsmen and Greater Cincinnati Winterfair. The fair was once a Thanksgiving destination for both artists and visitors. For the past several years, however, we have seen attendance steadily decline, and along with it, artists’ sales. In addition, convention center pricing, as well as artists’ costs, have increased. And since Covid, many long-time participants have chosen to stay home for the holidays. 

With these factors in mind and after much deliberation, the Board of Trustees has voted to discontinue Greater Cincinnati Winterfair permanently. We do not take this decision lightly, because we know that artists rely on ODC fairs as part of their income. Much has changed, however, since Covid, and the structure of some programs are not as successful as they once were. 

On the other hand, we are excited to see the growth of Columbus Winterfair, with strong attendance and increased artists’ sales in the two years since Covid. The Board’s resolution will enable ODC to reallocate resources to build upon and expand Columbus Winterfair’s success, while also creating new, exciting opportunities for artists. 

Since 1963, ODC’s mission has been to support the professional development of fine craft artists. The organization is healthy and in a very strong position to continue that, but we must also be aware of the changing times and adjust when needed. 

Over the next year, we will also be focusing our efforts on researching, evaluating and developing new programming that will best benefit ODC artists. We are looking forward to sharing these new ventures with you! In the meantime, we invite you to submit entries to Columbus Winterfair.

Kim Nagorski

Executive Director

Ohio Designer Craftsmen